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Stay Up-To-Date on Vehicle Maintenance With Help From the Ford Experts at Vanderhyde Ford

Keeping your Ford vehicle current on its maintenance schedule offers a range of benefits, from saving you money to keeping your model's performance levels optimal as you drive around Cedar Springs. Routine service visits help your technician catch early signs of trouble before they become expensive issues. With regular maintenance, your vehicle also maintains its efficiency, requiring less fuel to operate and causing less wear and tear on expensive components, like tires, as you drive around Comstock Park and beyond.

Scheduling Service is Easier Than Ever

At Vanderhyde Ford, we know your time is valuable. That's why we've streamlined the car service process, from booking your appointment to picking up your repaired or serviced vehicle. You can schedule your service visit from this page using our easy online form. It's easy to arrange your appointment at the most convenient time for you from the comfort of your Greenville, Michigan, home. Pick the day and time that work best with your schedule, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Our Ford-certified technicians bring their expertise and experience to every vehicle they service, whether it's one of the many Ford models or any other make. Our parts are sourced directly from your vehicle's manufacturer whenever possible to assure the highest authenticity and quality for your maintenance or repair service visit. You can order genuine OEM parts and accessories online too. Check out the available parts specials to snag a competitive rate.

Common Repairs and Services

  • Oil changes - A vital part of engine care, oil changes increase efficiency and keep precision engine parts from wearing down prematurely.
  • Tire service - Including all aspects of tire care, from rotations to alignments to swapping seasonal sets, routine tire service extends tire lifespan, helps avoid the kind of wear that leads to flats or blowouts and keeps your daily ride through Grand Rapids, Michigan smooth.
  • Engine inspections - A range of important services can fall into this category, such as fluid and filter replacements, battery strength checks, belts, hoses, spark plugs, or gasket replacements. Your technician will check the components and service them as needed.
  • Brake care - Your brakes represent a major safety component, so regular inspection and service of the brake pads, hydraulic system, and rotors are necessary to ensure your vehicle stops safely while driving around town.

Schedule Your Appointment Online

We invite you to schedule your next service appointment online. Don't hesitate to contact a team member online or over the phone with any questions. We look forward to seeing you at our service center soon.