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Top Reasons to Sell Us Your Car!

At Vanderhyde Ford in Cedar Springs, our team is ready to give you a quote so that you can determine if you want to sell us your vehicle. Customers from Rockford, MI to Comstock Park have a few options for selling a vehicle if you no longer want it. You can sell your vehicle to a dealership, or you can sell your vehicle to a private party. Selling your vehicle to a dealership saves time and also allows you to get cash a lot faster.

Trade-in Your Car--Advantages

If you decide that you want information about trading in your vehicle, there are many advantages. You have less risk by purchasing your vehicle at a dealership than purchasing a vehicle from an individual. Also, you are protected more if you purchase a vehicle at a dealership. Trading in your vehicle also gives you the benefit of quickly getting rid of your used car and upgrading to something better.

Sell Your Car to Us--No Obligation to Buy from Us

Even if you don't have a Ford SUV, car, or truck, we can still purchase your vehicle. You are also under no obligation to trade in your vehicle or purchase a future vehicle with us if we buy your vehicle. Even if you just want to look around and ask questions, you are not obligated to trade in your vehicle.

Visit Vanderhyde Ford today for your Free Appraisal

If you're in Sparta or Greenville, MI, and would like information about how to sell us your vehicle, stop by and talk to our staff about an appraisal for your used car. Then, if you bring in your vehicle, we will inspect it and give you a quote to get cash right away if you decide that selling your vehicle is the best thing to do. Grand Rapids, MI customers can also check out our finance center and check the trade-in value online as well.

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