If you drive frequently in Cedar Springs, MI, chances are good that you'll encounter traffic. That's why we at Vanderhyde Ford are so excited to introduce the Ford Expedition. This popular full-size SUV is engineered with technology that makes it easier to stay safe in all types of traffic, both at home and away.

It all starts with the Ford Expedition's lane-keeping feature. This system lets you know if you begin to drift into another lane, so you can correct it immediately. If this happens repeatedly, the SUV lets you know — that way, you can reduce the risk of driving when you're distracted or tired.

When you drive at night, high beams are a great way to see the road ahead. Avoid the hassle of turning them on and off with the Ford Expedition's auto high beams. This system turns the lights on automatically and dims them when another car comes your way. See it in action during a test drive with our team.

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