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Do You Understand Your Vehicle’s Differential?

Your engine generates the power for your car, truck, or SUV to move. But what creates forward motion from that generated power? That process involves a lot of moving parts. One of the most important pieces of that process is your differential.

Your differential is basically a gearbox in the center of your axle. Your engine generates the power and transfers that to your transmission. This is where your gearing takes place. That turns your driveline which runs down the length of your car and meets your differential. Your differential then sends power to your wheels due to being powered…

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Save yourself from spending hundreds in repairs later

Oil keeps the essential parts of your engine lubricated. Without the proper amount of oil, your engine parts will grind up against each other and corrode. Metal fragments can damage you engine and eventually cause internal damage. The same thing that can happen to your engine can also occur in your transmission. This is why proper fluid maintenance is imperative to extend the life of your car or truck.


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