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The 2018 Ford Focus RS is a Presence on the Road

If you prefer the handling of a smaller car but need room to carry passengers and/or cargo, a hatchback might be just what you need. The Ford Focus RS is a true performance vehicle, with all-wheel drive, sport suspension, and a 2.3L EcoBoost® engine.

While you'll be comfortable inside the cabin as you drive around town, you can be sure that others will be admiring your ride. From the front to the rear, details are included to make the car look good and maximize efficiency. There's a unique front grille, unique spoiler, and rear diffuser that…

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A Cheap Pressure Gauge May Save Your Tires

As a car owner, you have the responsibility to make sure that your tires are in tip-top shape to be on the road. Nothing would be more disastrous than having your tires blowout in the middle of the freeway when it is entirely preventable.

A pressure gauge is cheap, found everywhere and will allow you to know when the air levels of your tires are getting dangerously low. The amount of time it takes to check your air level is only a few minutes, and it is easy to learn.

When checking your pressure, you will get the best result…

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The Ford Expedition is a Top Choice for a Large SUV

The Ford Expedition is rated number one in large SUVs by U.S.News, deservedly so because of an engine that delivers extreme power, spacious seating, comfortable handling on the road and luxurious cabin space. Driving one of these popular SUVs feels like you are king of the road.

The 3.5L Eco Boost Engine is the most powerful engine to date for the Ford Expedition. This engine features twin air-to-air intercooled turbochargers that provide extra power just when you need it, and the direct-injection technology maximizes power obtained from the fuel.

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Pros and Cons of Getting a Brand New Tonneau Cover

Your friends here at Vanderhyde Brothers Ford Inc wanted to pass along some of the good and bad things to consider when you are thinking about buying a new tonneau cover for your truck.

Make no mistake about it, once the new tonneau cover has been installed over the truck bed, your belongings are going to be more secure. Not only will your belongings be out of sight, they will be under lock and key when you are not near the truck.

You may notice you are getting better fuel mileage after the tonneau cover has been installed on the…

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The Ford F-150 Combines Power and Finesse

In the land of full-size pickups the Ford F-150 reigns as king. The F-150 continues to be the top-rated towing truck in its class. The durable, aluminum alloy body and steel frame provide the perfect base for towing activities. The vehicle is capable of towing up to 13,200 pounds under certain conditions. This impressive towing capability is assisted by features such as Pro Trailer Back-up Assist, a productivity screen, and a trailer brake controller.

The F-150 is also no slouch when it comes to hauling. The F-150 operates with 395 horsepower. It also produces 400 lb.-ft of torque…

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A Fresh Look for the Ford Explorer XLT Sport

If you have never thought that three-row SUVs could be attractive, check out the 2018 Ford Explorer with the XLT Sports Appearance Package. This year's model has undergone a design overhaul to embody the latest in modern vehicle styling. The new Explorer is pleasing to the eye from both the interior and exterior perspective.

SUV enthusiasts will love the features of the XLT Sports Appearance Package. All seven of the leather-trimmed seats are beautifully accented with contrast stitches. The Galvano instrument panel provides a soft, contemporary screen for easy reading.

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Extreme Heat and Cold Temperatures Can Kill Your Battery

Have you noticed your car whining when you try to start it? Are lights flickering? If it seems like your battery might be failing, it could just be that it's having a harder time due to the colder weather. Why does this happen? It's based on the chemicals within your battery.

As your battery charges up the electrons within the metal plates, it generates and holds the electrical energy to pass through the alternator. This can cause issues during cooler weather as your battery may be older and has a difficult time generating a charge.

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Easy Steps How to Jump Start Another Car

These are the steps to get a car jumped from another. Park the two cars so the noses touch. Open the hoods, put on work gloves, then make sure you are wearing safety glasses too. Unravel the jumper cables; the two red cables will go to the positive sides of the batteries, good battery first, then the bad battery.

The one black cable will go to the negative sides of the good battery, then the other to any metal contact on the car being jumped to avoid sparks. Now you can start the one car. Leave it running a few…

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Proper Tire Tread and Pressure

One of the scariest scenarios when driving your car is hydroplaning. You temporarily lose control of the vehicle because the tires have lost their ability to grip the road’s wet surface. Vehicle speed and tire maintenance are two crucial elements in avoiding that unfortunate circumstance.

Tires should be rotated about every seven thousand miles to achieve the most even tread wear. They adjust to their placement, and by rotating, you even out all your tires. The front tires generally have more wear than the rear. When you rotate, each side should be switched as well as the front to…

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Do You Understand Your Vehicle’s Differential?

Your engine generates the power for your car, truck, or SUV to move. But what creates forward motion from that generated power? That process involves a lot of moving parts. One of the most important pieces of that process is your differential.

Your differential is basically a gearbox in the center of your axle. Your engine generates the power and transfers that to your transmission. This is where your gearing takes place. That turns your driveline which runs down the length of your car and meets your differential. Your differential then sends power to your wheels due to being powered…

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