You know how essential finding the right truck can be for delivering an impactful performance, carrying your necessary cargo load, and more. Deciding on buying a new Ford F-150 in Cedar Springs at Vanderhyde Ford may be what you’re going to be exploring, but do you know which cab option suits you? The iconic Ford F-150 has three different cab choices to choose from that can help you configure your perfect truck for what your work or traveling could use.

550 × 366

Ford F-150 Regular Cab

For a work truck that gets work done, you may not need that back row of seats. There is still sufficient space to be had with a Regular Cab, however, with an offered head room of 40.8-inches and leg room available of 43.9-inchces. The Regular Cab can get acquired as either an 8-feet box or 6.5-feet box configuration.

Ford F-150 SuperCab

Do you like the Regular Cab but you’re really looking for a truck more accommodating to fit your family? If you want front and rear seating in your new Ford F-150 truck model for your Cedar Springs adventures, a SuperCab option can be a great pick. You will find possibilities for the box with a SuperCab including 6.5-feet and 8-feet selections.

Ford F-150 SuperCrew®

Will you want to check out Ford F-150 SuperCrew® cab models at our Cedar Springs dealership? If you want a comfortable environment and interior full of space in your full-size truck, complete with ample legroom for the rear seats, you will love a SuperCrew® cab for the Ford F-150. For rear leg room, the SuperCrew® 43.6-inches! Also, the SuperCrew® offers 5.5-feet and 6.5-feet box options.

You can find capability with great power behind it, loads of technology, and other fun features with an F-150. Now, just pick out your new Ford F-150 with the cab that you feel has the design that can enhance your daily jobs!

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