Drop by Vanderhyde Ford to Tune Up Your Vehicle After a Long Winter!

If your Ford truck, SUV, van, car, or hatchback needs some attention and care, Vanderhyde Ford has got your back! From road salt to excessive snow and bitter cold, the wear and tear we put our vehicles through is no joke! That's why we have a team of onsite expert service technicians to help ensure your vehicle is ready to tackle the spring and summer head on.

Drivers from Cedar Springs to Sparta appreciate our incredibly responsive staff! We know you're busy, so give us a call at (888) 450-3424 to speak to one of technicians and schedule a time that would work best for you! We're committed to providing excellent customer service and meticulous work. So sit back, enjoy a refreshment, and relax while our team of technicians gets your vehicle looking like new.

There's nothing worse than hearing that thud and crunch after hitting a pot hole! Don’t be like so many others and simply ignore those pesky repairs until the snow has melted for good. Waiting can lead to even more significant problems.

If you hit an especially bad divot your vehicle could take serious damage! It's not uncommon for us to see vehicles that have been driven with misaligned steering systems or bent rims due to pot hole damage. Nobody wants an extra expense that could have been easily avoided by taking early action! Just take a quick trip to Vanderhyde Ford and let us help get your vehicle running and looking like it's been plucked straight off the showroom floor!

If you're a resident in the Grand Rapids area and in need of maintenance on your favorite Ford model drop by 345 N Main St NE, Cedar Springs, MI or feel free to browse our vast inventory of vehicles and speak with one of our staff!

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