New Ford Fusion Energi Equipped with Technology Features

New Ford Fusion Energi is that popular plug-in hybrid with features you have to see.

The Blind Spot Information System that is equipped on the Ford Fusion Energi is going to make use of a radar system to scan behind your vehicle and monitor blind spots. If a vehicle is in one of those blind spots, you get alerts to steer clear of the lane until the location is seen as clear for you to change lanes.

The Adaptive Cruise Control feature in the new Ford Fusion Energi is unlike the old-style cruise systems. Once activated, this system identifies a lead vehicle and creates a buffer. If the lead car slows, your car slows, then resumes again once that lead vehicle gets back up to speed.

Hurry down to Vanderhyde Brothers Ford Inc. so you can take the new Ford Fusion Energi out for a test drive today and see all those features in action.

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