Take a Drive in the 2019 Ford Taurus

We here at Vanderhyde Brothers Ford Inc. understand that for some drivers their vehicles reflect a part of their personality. Introducing the 2019 Ford Taurus, this popular full-size sedan has a distinctive style to help you make a powerful statement.

When selecting the Taurus SHO you get a unique black mesh grille that stands out from the other Taurus models. The SHO finishes this off with chrome accents to give it a distinctive edge.

HID headlights on the Taurus SHO are both functional and eye-catching. The headlights will automatically activate when you turn on the wipers or experience low light conditions.

What else can the 2019 Ford Taurus do? We invite you to stop in and see some of the other features. While you’re here, why don't you take one out for a test drive in Cedar Springs, MI.

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