Ford Fiesta: A Subcompact with Superior Performance

Whether it is the AdvanceTrac stability control or the smooth shifting five-speed manual transmission, the Ford Fiesta is changing the way people think about subcompact cars. Customers at Vanderhyde Ford in Cedar Springs, MI love its sporty feel and superior handling. This is one subcompact that is a cut above the rest in its class.

Advanced performance technology is behind the ability of the Fiesta to outperform other subcompacts when the weather becomes inclement. The AdvanceTrac stability control system will slow the engine torque and apply the brakes whenever it feels the wheels start to slip. It will kick in before you even notice anything is wrong.

The highly responsive electronically assisted steering also helps you maintain control in any type of condition. These features are some of the reasons why this car drives more like a sports car, but it gives you all of this without the large price tag.

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