Extreme Heat and Cold Temperatures Can Kill Your Battery

Have you noticed your car whining when you try to start it? Are lights flickering? If it seems like your battery might be failing, it could just be that it's having a harder time due to the colder weather. Why does this happen? It's based on the chemicals within your battery.

As your battery charges up the electrons within the metal plates, it generates and holds the electrical energy to pass through the alternator. This can cause issues during cooler weather as your battery may be older and has a difficult time generating a charge.

If you notice that your battery is dying in warm weather, have you checked to see if there is a leak? Usually, an overheated battery will leak acid and corrode the connectors on top of the battery. When this occurs, you risk losing the battery charge and being unable to start your car. You should take your vehicle to Vanderhyde Brothers Ford Inc located in Cedar Springs, MI if you have any battery issues.



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