Do You Understand Your Vehicle’s Differential?

Your engine generates the power for your car, truck, or SUV to move. But what creates forward motion from that generated power? That process involves a lot of moving parts. One of the most important pieces of that process is your differential.

Your differential is basically a gearbox in the center of your axle. Your engine generates the power and transfers that to your transmission. This is where your gearing takes place. That turns your driveline which runs down the length of your car and meets your differential. Your differential then sends power to your wheels due to being powered by the driveline.

The differential is geared in such a way that it can send different amounts of torque to each wheel simultaneously. This is to allow one wheel to turn slower than the other when going through a turn. If both were being powered at the same rate, the vehicle would fight against itself and make turning a very difficult task for the driver.

If you have any more questions about your differential or any other part of your powertrain, then feel free to ask one of our experts here in our service center at Vanderhyde Brothers Ford Inc!

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