Pay Attention to Tire Inflation Warning

Tire pressure is an important safety feature and contributes to long tire life. Your car can help you keep track of the tire pressure levels in your vehicle. The low inflation or low-pressure warning light is a great tool to help detect a tire problem.

Tires that cannot hold tire pressure must be repaired or replaced. Cedar Springs, MI drivers understand the importance of having good tires that can perform under the weather conditions in the area. Tires must function well in ice, snow, wet roads, heavy mud, and other conditions.

At Vanderhyde Brothers Ford Inc, we offer maintenance programs to keep your tires in great shape. We can rotate tires and inspect tread wear to make sure your tires can hold the road and provide traction. Call for an appointment or just drop by, we will gladly inspect your tires. When you need new tires, we can offer high-quality selections to meet your make and model requirements.

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