Trunk-or-Treat Decoration Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off

So you've been approached by your community's Halloween event organizer and asked to participate in a trunk-or-treat event. Trunk-or-treat is a trick-or-treating alternative in which numerous vehicles are arranged next to each other, stocked with candy, and then visited by children. It's easier, safer, and more efficient than traditional trick-or-treating.

If you need advice for trunk-or-treat decorations, here's a few to consider:

  • Stuff your trunk with cardboard boxes, find a delivery company uniform and then "deliver" candy to the eager children.
  • Grab a large piece of cardboard, cut out a window-sized opening, decorate it like your favorite fast food restaurant, and you've got a drive-thru that serves candy instead of hamburgers.

Don't be afraid to add some spookiness to these decorations, either. It is Halloween, after all.

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